Android 4.2.2 Released

A key advantage of buying into the Nexus branded devices is gaining access to the latest Android releases as soon as they come available.

The latest such release is minor update 4.2.2 and you should see this arriving on your Nexus 7, 4 or 10 in the next day or so (if not already!).

As usual, I am the last to get these updates, and neither my Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 has received it yet.

What’s new in 4.2.2?

Don’t get too excited, this is a minor update and we shouldn’t expect any whizzy new features to be pushed out to our tablets.

But so far the following tweaks have been spotted:

  •  Small animation tweak,  smoother roll-up of notification bar
  • Battery low sound
  • Wireless charging start audible notification
  • adb security check
  • Download progress bar now shows percentage complete and the time remaining
  • Long press wi-fi and bluetooth in quick settings now toggles service on/off
  • Faster gallery animation

There are also the usual “bug” and “performance” fixes but it’s hard to know what these are, I’m hoping that one day my Nexus 7 will lose it’s sluggish feel and will be reporting back if that happens!

Found any other enhancements? Let us know!


  1. joe_peddos says:

    I updated 2 days ago. The one thing I noticed was it seemed to feel faster but it was more a feeling than anything specific Joe

  2. Based on the fact that this update is full of minor updates and fixes, I got to say I’m not really noticing any great differences to what is already a great performing machine. The fact that google, god bless um, are constently striving to iron out all glitches and improve their products is good enough for me!..I guess they are making more of an effort than that crowd over at Apple…or at least I would like to think so!

  3. I like the frequent updates. Sure, you don’t see the big jump but all the little things add up. Not everyone agrees though:,2817,2415481,00.asp

    It seems you can’t please everyone, I bet if there was one yearly big update the critics would complain that they move too slowly.

    As an agile developer I believe in release early and release often.

    • tony fowler says:

      The new software is not compatible with Skygo which is a serious disadvantage for many actual and potential users. Are there any plans to deal with this issue?

      • You mean Skygo isn’t compatible with 4.2.2? There have been similar problems with iPlayer but it should just be a case of the dev’s marking it as compatible – I can’t believe there were any breaking changes in this release. Fingers crossed it’s fixed imminently.

      • Not really fair on Sky, if it’s only a minor bug fix what did Google do to make the app stop working. If it’s affected 2 major streaming apps that were working fine , might be the update that’s the issue?

      • tony fowler says:

        I’m not blaming Sky. Google made the changes without sufficient checking and should correct their mistake.

      • Tony, comment was aimed at Jez more than you, cant quote or nest responses easily so not clear sorry. Both culpable really, just want it fixed really

      • Oh yeah, it only seems to allow 2 levels of nesting, not noticed that. I wonder if that’s a general limitation of the WP software?

        I was just saying that iPlayer had a similar prob with minor Android updates breaking it. Agree that these things should be coordinated better by all :-)

  4. Hi I just updated my nexus 7 tab last morning. However after the update, the sound from my speaker is very faint even when the volume is at Max. The sound is normal when I plug in my headphone, only the external speaker is not functioning like it used to before. Before the update there was no problem at all.

    I reset the tab, installed some apps to enhance the volume but still no luck. I raised a bug with Google and only one more person has reported it. Can anyone tell me what else I can do to make it better?

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