Nexus 10 Chargers

Lost or damaged your existing charger?  Or just want another one to keep in the office?  Then you’ll need to buy a replacement charger for your Nexus 10 tablet.

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These days chargers are pretty standard, however you’ll want to ensure you choose a good quality model to avoid risk of damage to your tablet.  

Manufacturers do recommend sticking to official chargers, however you can buy 3rd party ones.  

Be sure to get one that is recommended for your tablet as the wrong model may result in a slow charge time.

Also make sure you buy from a reputable dealer, a cheap imported model may damage your device or worse. If in doubt check with your supplier, ensure the charger meets EU safety standards.

Original Invero® Go...
Amazon Price: £1.80

Amazon Price: £5.29

Black Dual USB MAINS...
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