Nexus 10 Covers

The Nexus 10 is a sturdy table, don’t get us wrong, but these devices will always have limited toughness. At the end of the day it’s still a 10″ sheet of glass sitting on the front of your Nexus! That’s why covers are among the most popular accessory amongst tablet owning fans!

Covers are great for day to day transporting and storing around the house, and of course they can look good too.

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Covers come in a whole variety of shapes and sizes so it’s really up to you what suits your personal tastes.

The only consideration is whether you prioritise protection or style, or maybe you can find both in the suggestions below!

A thicker cover is going to be bigger and bulkier, no one really wants too much weight to a device that is supposed to be ultra portable, however it will offer more protection.

Covers can also hold keyboards, or act as stands. Have a look for some examples below:

Nexus 10 Covers

  • Leather cases are amongst the most popular, they look professional and are hard wearing:
Snugg™ Nexus 10 Ca...
Amazon Price: £5.99

£34.99 £29.00

Snugg™ Nexus 10 Ca...
Amazon Price: £5.99

£34.99 £29.00

32nd® Design book w...
Amazon Price: £12.99


  • Or the shock sock covers come in a colourful range:

  • If you want to turn your tablet into a mini laptop, how about a cover that can also house a keyboard?
Poetic KeyBook Remov...
Amazon Price: £29.95

Sharon UltraThin Goo...
Amazon Price: £39.99

£29.99 £12.00

Cooper Cases(TM) Tou...
Amazon Price: £27.95

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