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Looking for a Nexus 10 dock? The original model comes with docking pins, just like the first Nexus 7 did. Unfortunately the docking capabilities haven’t been supported all that well historically.

In fact the second generation Nexus 7 dropped the docking connection so it seems unlikely that docks will play a big roll in the next generation Nexus 10 but we’ll see. In the meantime there are some 3rd party options available.

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The 10″ tablet is undoubtedly harder to hold than the N7, so it makes sense to have a decent stand for upright viewing. If you are looking for a stand we recommend buying one that can allow vertical and horizontal viewing.

Docks can also allow for easy connection to keyboards, sound systems and more. However there hasn’t been a lot of interest in building these from third party providers.

Here are some products plucked out from Amazon:

Anker Multi-Angle Po...
Amazon Price: £19.99


Gear4 Xube Universal...
Amazon Price: £59.99

£79.99 £20.00

Stuff4 MR-NX10-L360-...
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£10.18 £8.20

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