Nexus 10 Keyboards

One of the great things about a powerful 10″ tablet such as the Nexus 10, you just have to hook it up to a keyboard and you’ve got a proper mini portable computer. You can see why netbooks fell out of fashion so quickly.

We take a look at some of the keyboard choices that have been popular with Nexus owners.

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All the cool kids are hooking up their tablets to wireless Bluetooth keyboards. There a load of these that are designed to be ultra portable, light weight and will pair effortlessly with your tablet.

Depending on your preference you might also want to consider a Nexus 10 keyboard dock which will hold your tablet in place as you type, or you might also fancy a keyboard case. We’ll offer up some suggestion below.

  • We’ll kick off with the Apple manufactured keyboard.  This is a top choice of the critics… it looks good, types well and is well made.  

The only down side is the price, but it will make a nice match for a top line tablet like the Nexus 10:

Apple Wireless Keybo...
Amazon Price: £55.78

£59.00 £3.22

Caseflex Ultra Slim ...
Amazon Price: £29.99


Anker® Ultra Compac...
Amazon Price: £49.99


  • If your budget doesn’t quite stretch, or just can’t face handing over your money to the main Nexus rival, then here are the popular recommendations from Amazon:
Caseflex Ultra Slim ...
Amazon Price: £29.99


TeckNet Backlit Blue...
Amazon Price: £19.99


JETech Bluetooth Wir...
Amazon Price: £7.95

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