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The Nexus 10 is bigger and heavier than your typical 7″ tablet – that’s the obvious trade off when going for a larger size. Therefore you’ll be forgiven for wanting something to help prop up your tablet for longer viewing sessions.

At this size, watching TV or a movie is something that you might be doing regularly and a stand would make a decent investment.

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Stands for Google's Nexus 10 tablet

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There are plenty of occasions where a tablet stand is going to be very useful, it might be because you are doing a longer session of web surfing, or more likely if you’re watching a movie on that gorgeous high res screen (it would be a waste not to!).

There are a few options for your Nexus 10, you can go for a dedicated stand or there are also numerous cases that double up as stands, you can see some examples here.

Tablet Stands

Here are some suggestions that are popular with other Nexus owners on Amazon:

Case Logic® Surefit...
Amazon Price: £3.99

Snugg™ Nexus 10 Ca...
Amazon Price: £5.99

£34.99 £29.00

Snugg™ Nexus 10 Ca...
Amazon Price: £11.98

£34.99 £5.99

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