Nexus 4 Wireless Chargers

The wireless charging functionality is a great addition to the Nexus 4. No doubt this will soon be a standard feature and I you’ll be wanting to get your hand on one of these chargers.

Whilst Android’s main rival continues to constrain it’s users with a proprietary connector, the rest of the industry is heading wireless.

On this page we look at the Nexus 4 wireless chargers available in the UK.

What Wireless Charging Standard does the Nexus 4 use?

The Nexus 4 embraces the Qi wireless charging standard. This is good news for those that don’t like being tied to one manufacturer as this should be well supported in the future.

Qi is administered by the Wireless Power Consortium who have the noble goal of ensuring the uptake of a global wireless standard across all manufacturers (‘cept Apple who will prob continue to alienate users by doing their own thing!).

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Official Nexus 4 Charger

nexus universal chargerThe official Nexus 4 charger can be bought over at the Play Store. Currently retailing for £35, it’s not the cheapest wireless charger on the market. However, as the official model at least you can be sure of compatibility.

This replaces the original Nexus 4 charging orb, I actually quite liked that design and you might be able to get a good price on one over at ebay.

The new wireless Nexus charger is actually branded as the “universal charger”, unfortunately it’s not all that universal but it does work with the new wave of Nexus devices (Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 5 and Nexus 4).

The charger will hold your Nexus 4 in place thanks to a magnetic field that snaps the phone into position. And when you’re ready go, just grab and go…

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Alternative Wireless Chargers for the Nexus 4

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The official charger isn’t the cheapest on the market, and it is also often out of stock on Google Play.

As the Nexus 4 uses the Qi wireless standard you aren’t limited to the official charger. This is great for providing a bit of competition to the market and also gives you some other options if you aren’t a fan of the official design. For example you might prefer a flat charging surface that you can just place your phone down on.

So let’s take a look at the alternatives.

Qi Chargers

Here are some more QI chargers available on the open market. Do make sure that they are compatible, whilst any QI charger should work sometimes there are problems with certain brands. Please do check with your supplier if in doubt.

2016 Upgraded Wirele...
Amazon Price: £50.00


Google Wireless Char...
Amazon Price: £12.99

£34.99 £22.00

Wireless Charger, Ar...
Amazon Price: £31.99


RavPower Chargers

Daffodil WPC20 - Sil...
Amazon Price: £7.75

[Qualcomm Quick Char...
Amazon Price: £19.95


Suaoki Wireless Char...
Amazon Price: £39.99


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