Nexus 7 Cables

Need a replacement cable for the Nexus 7? The tablet comes with a sync/charge cable in the box, but the chances are you’ll lose this, or perhaps you want another one to keep at work.

Fortunately the mobile manufacturers have got together to use a standard “Micro USB” format and you might even have a few of these spare lying around at home (perhaps from an old mobile phone).

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Nexus 7 Cables

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These USB cables actually have two key functions:

  • Charging your tablet
  • Data synchronisation

Here are some suggestions plucked from Amazon for you to check out, remember you are looking for a Micro USB cable, any of these should work fine but if you have doubts look out for a cable that is labelled as Nexus 7 compatible.

Replacement Charging Cables

Check out the following replacement cables for your Nexus 7:

TECHGEAR® Extra Lon...
Amazon Price: £2.95

Micro USB Charge Dat...
Amazon Price: £2.19

Digicharge® USB Dat...
Amazon Price: £0.75

Nexus 7 OTG Cable

OTG cables are used to plug devices with standard USB sockets into your tablet.  For example you can attach a USB storage drive or even a keyboard:

TECHGEAR® - Micro U...
Amazon Price: £2.95

USB 2.0 A female to ...
Amazon Price: £1.02

Startech 127mm Micro...
Amazon Price: £4.03

£4.79 £0.76

External TV Cable

The SlimPort cable allows you to display the output of your Nexus 7 directly onto a TV. Great for bringing iPlayer onto the big screen. I use mine regularly to pick out YouTube content for the kids.

SlimPort is only compatible with the second generation Nexus 7 (2013). It does not work with the Nexus 7 (2012) (I have tried it!).

There are different versions (HDMI, VGA, etc) of this device so do make sure you buy one that is compatible with your Nexus 7 and your television.

Cable Matters® Micr...
Amazon Price: £14.99

£28.99 £14.00

CSL - Full HD SlimPo...
Amazon Price: £10.85

Volans MyDP Slimport...
Amazon Price: £8.99

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*please note that these cables are chosen with the assistance of Amazon’s product search engine, for more personal recommendations feel free to start a thread in the forum.

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