Nexus 7 Covers

These tablets can look a little lost inside a big bag, if you agree then buying a cover for your Nexus 7 is probably a good idea. They are generally quite cheap to buy and should off enough protection to keep your tablet safe in transit.

Whilst the build quality of the Nexus tablet is widely regarded as top notch, it is still a valuable piece of high tech equipment and should be looked after whilst on the move. A Nexus 7 cover will help keep your tablet safe.

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Nexus 7 Covers

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Covers come in all different shapes and sizes so really it is down to personal taste as to what you go for.

Some considerations:

  • Consider whether you want a cover that can also double up as a stand
  • If it does work as a stand, can it go vertical and horizontal?
  • Some of them come with an attached stylus

You might want to chose something with a little padding for extra protection, or perhaps you are more concerned about it looking cool!

Nexus 7 Cover Ideas

  • Here are some leather tablet covers to start off with:
EasyAcc® Ultra Slim...
Amazon Price: £29.99


Invero® Slim Fit Le...
Amazon Price: £12.99


iGadgitz Green PU Le...
Amazon Price: £14.99


  • Or the shock sock covers come in a range of funky colours:
Amazon Price: £6.95

Asus Google Nexus 7 ...
Amazon Price: £6.99

£9.99 £3.00

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