Nexus 7 Sleeves

Here we round up a selection of Nexus 7 sleeves for you. Sleeves are a popular accessory for mobile devices, typically phones, tablets etc are being carried around and some protection is useful to prevent light bumps causing damage.

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Nexus 7 Sleeves

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Sleeves come in a whole range of different shapes and sizes and really it is down to personal taste. You can pick up some that claim to offer water resistance (might be useful if travelling) and some are harder wearing than others.

But all will provide a degree of protection to scrapes and scratches, which will be very handy if you are stuffing your Nexus 7 into a bag every day.

The Nexus 7 is generally a hard wearing piece of kit but a small investment in a protective sleeve might just save your tablet from a nasty accident.

Nexus 7 Sleeves

  • The first suggestions are Neoprene sleeves, this rubber like material offers good all round protection from scuffs and splashes.
AmazonBasics 7-Inch ...
Amazon Price: £4.49

7" Neoprene Tablet P...
Amazon Price: £3.99

Black Neoprene Zip C...
Amazon Price: £3.99

  • Need something a little more professional looking? Then you’ll want to check out these stylish leather sleeves. Leather also provides plenty of protection against the elements so definitely worth considering:
Leather Google Nexus...
Amazon Price: £9.99


iGadgitz Premium Exe...
Amazon Price: £14.99


Nexus 7 2012 Case - ...
Amazon Price: £11.95

  • Looking for something that stands out, how about something a bit more funky to wrap round your Nexus 7? I’m sure there is a green sleeves joke in there somewhere:
Nimbus 7" Universal ...
Amazon Price: £15.00


7" Neoprene Tablet P...
Amazon Price: £3.99

Amazon Price: £8.95

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