Chromecast Available in the UK

Google_Chromecast_HDMI_dongleGoogle’s TV streaming hardware has now been released in the UK at long last. The Chromecast will allow you to stream video and music from the likes of YouTube, Netflix and Google Play direct from your Nexus tablet to your TV.

It will plug directly into a spare HDMI port on the back of your television and can be controlled from a range of compatible tablets, smartphones and even laptops.

The Chromecast has been available in the US since July 2013, so it’s been a long wait for it to appear here in the UK. You can now buy it from all the usual stores (amazon, currys, etc)

Chromecast UK

It will be interesting to see how support develops, for example will Chromecast support iPlayer and other UK television streaming apps such as 4OD and ITV player? Either way, this makes for a good option to bring modern streaming technology to an older television.

Google have released the Chromecast SDK which will allow developers to build in Chromecast support into their apps. You can also ‘cast’ a webpage from your tablet’s browser onto your TV which seems clever but I can’t think of any real use case for wanting to do that when I could just look down at my Nexus 7.

Specs: The HDMI dongle is light at just 34g with dimensions of 72 x 35 x 12mm. It uses HDMI, so do make sure your TV has a spare slot, and it supports video output up to 1080p (Full HD) resolution. Content is streamed over 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi.

I’m not sure it offers me anything that my Tivo box can’t already deliver and I already own a SlimPort cable to bring my tablet screen to my telly, but it would go nicely with the old TV I have in my bedroom.

Will you be buying the Chromecast?


  1. Michael_G says:

    Does Tivo do Google play Movies? Still prefer CC to Slimport as my Nexus devices can just hand over to CC and then be used as normal, or even switched off. Already had a US one but ordered a UK one for the kitchen telly. £30? Complete no-brainer. Just needs more apps.

    • No, no Google Play support on the TiVo as far as I am aware. I think I will give the Chromecast a go, the bedroom telly is just asking to be hooked up! For £30 it is, like you say, a no-brainer.

      • Michael_G says:

        Go for it Jez. Just installed mine on the kitchen telly. Not smart but cheapo when M&S were clearing their tech stock. Has HDMI and USB so mains plug not required. iPlayer and Lilyhammer in the kitchen now, woohoo :-)

        Apparently 3000 developers signed up for the SDK so more apps should come, including (I would hope) a robust Google solution for browser and local casting.

        I’m like a pig in something steamy :-)

  2. It could be useful for visually impaired people to mirror their tavlet display on a larger screen. But with other tablets it is posible to simply connect via a cable; something that Nexus doesn’t allow. WHY?!

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