Free Android Christmas Game for Toddlers

This free little game popped up in my Google Play recommends steam a few days ago and I recently got round to installing it on my Nexus 7. If you are looking for a simple fun Christmas game to keep your toddler amused for 10 minutes then I’d like to recommend Kids Connect the Dots Xmas.

Christmas Join the Dots

This classic join the dots game is really simple and will only be of interest to young children, but trace round the picture and you’ll be rewarded with a Christmas picture.  I imagine many kids playing this won’t be reading yet so the game helpfully guides the way by turning the next number in the sequence orange.

My two year old really enjoyed playing this on my tablet, now that he is talking he’s learning all the Christmas lingo and can recognise everything from Father Christmas through to Jingle Bells!

His first few attempts were a bit slow and needed some help from Dad, but I was impressed by how quickly he got into it.  He was even happily tapping next to move onto the next puzzle after revealing the picture.

Interested to see more?  Here’s a demo on YouTube:

Got any other Christmas games suggestions that look good on the Nexus 7 tablet?

What do you think?

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