Gmail App Notifications Update

Screenshot_2013-03-19-06-46-19A nice little update from Google this morning. If you’ve grabbed the new Gmail update you’ll notice some new options in the notification bar.

As you can see in my screen shot, you can now archive and reply to mails directly from the Android notification centre.

As far as I can see there aren’t any other updates in there but this is a neat little feature that I’m sure I’ll be using plenty.

PS. I don’t speak German, but I am a member of the affiliate network!


  1. lindstom says:

    AFAIK that’s the only change in this release. For 4.2.2 users at least.

  2. Would have been great to see a delete option in the notification area as well, but hopefully that will come later.

    • Yeah, actually I don’t tend to use archive so a delete would be more useful for me. If they can’t fit both option in it would be nice to have it configurable.

  3. According to the Play Store information on what’s new …

    Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and up:
    • Reply, archive or delete from notifications – no need to open the app

    Although I don’t see a delete option, only archive or reply

    • OK – I found out how to do it …

      If you like to delete instead of archive, here’s how you can change the default option in your notifications:

      In the Gmail app, touch Menu , then Settings.
      Choose General settings.
      Touch Swiping conversation list.
      Select Always delete.
      After changing this setting, swiping left or right while viewing your conversation list in the Gmail app will delete your conversation instead of archiving it.

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