Google Play Vouchers Now Available in UK Store

play-card_couponsI just happened to notice this whilst browsing around, you can now purchase vouchers from the UK Google Play store.

This facility has actually been available for some time over in the US but now it comes to our green and pleasant land for the first time.

The vouchers give access to the millions of books, songs, movies, apps available through the main Android content store.

Buy them here

Why buy Google Play vouchers?

  • Great for buying the Android fan in your life a birthday present when you can’t think of anything else.  Yes, it’s a cop out but at least they’ll be happy!
  • If you have kids then this gives them access to online content without the need for a credit card.

Google have partnered with Morrisons and Tesco to sell the vouchers in their physical stores,  once again perfect for those who don’t have a credit card or don’t like making purchases online.

As always there are a few T&Cs to watch out for, for instance you can’t purchase subscriptions with the vouchers, or put them towards Nexus hardware and accessories.  Check their store for the full list.  On the plus side, the credit never expires.

The vouchers are available in £50, £25 and £10 denominations.


  1. Michael_G says:

    Yes, saw them by the tills in Morrisons on Friday night :-)

  2. About bl**dy time!

  3. Tim Jarrett says:

    Need to be able to buy them online for redemption immediately!

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