How to add Website Bookmarks to you Home Screen

We are all used to keeping a list of ‘favourites’ in our web browsers, but the chances are you’ll want to place them directly on your Nexus tablet home screen too. This quick tip shows you how!

This post is part of our ‘quick tips‘ area of the blog that helps answer common questions that come through in the comments or via Twitter.

Adding a website bookmark to your home screen

Most likely, you’ll want to add as a bookmark (!), here’s how:

Step 1: Add to your Chrome bookmarks

Find the page you want, and hit the star icon.

Step 2: Go to your apps, and in the widgets area you’ll find bookmarks.

Select the 1×1 or 3×3 widget depending on how many bookmarks you want to show. Long press and place on home screen.

Step 3: Select your bookmark of choice (we recommend the link!)

Step 4: Move the link to your preferred location on the home screen

As demonstrated by my own beautifully crafted packed opening page:

Step 5: Visit nxtab first thing every day! Well, that’s what I do :)


  1. Woot TY for your quick response ..Great Tip!

  2. Yes great I did wonder how I was supposed to do this

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