How to Replace Nexus 7 Screen

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The Nexus 7 tablet has come under some user criticism for its build quality, particularly and unsurprisingly from people who have dropped theirs!

In this post we take a look at your options should the worst happen.

We’ll take a look at where you can get a Nexus 7 replacement screen in the UK, how to get a screen fixed, and where you can take your tablet to get it repaired.

I’m not sure what our expectations should be regarding dropped tablets, my own view is that these gadgets are precision technological items that should be treated with great care. If I dropped mine, and it broke, I would blame no one else but myself for being clumsy.

That said, I have heard stories of tablets breaking a little too easily, and that’s when owners are going to get frustrated. If you are worried about damage, then buying a case might help add some extra protection. But the only way to be sure is to take very good care of your N7!

Warning: Any repairs should be attempted at own risk. These devices are not designed for user disassembly and repairing them can be tricky. I have not done this repair and so can’t help with any problems.

Where to Buy a Replacement Screen

First up, the general advice on this one seems to be to buy a digitizer/LCD/bezel combo, they can be bought on ebay or through specialist sites. I have not done this repair myself, but those who have done it point out that just trying to replace the LCD screen in isolation can be a difficult job. You really want to be looking at replacing the whole screen unit.

As usual, eBay is a great place to get spare parts. The online market place has by far the widest range of buying options that Ive seen and realistic prices too. There’s little point spending £100 on a replacement LCD screen if you can just buy a second hand tablet for that price!

Try the UK store here. And US buyers can try this link.

Amazon also offers a couple of replacement screens. At the time of writing I don’t see any sold direct but there are some sellers in the market place stocking them.

If in the US, or are comfortable importing from, then there are more purchasing options available there.

How to fix Nexus 7 Cracked Screen

YouTube is a great place for finding guides, and there are some good videos which talk through the difficulties of this repair. I would recommend watching carefully before thinking about a replacement.

More information from Android Authority.

A further resource that will add to your knowledge: iFixit.

Note: Neither the authors of these videos, nxtab, Google, or ASUS are going to help if things go wrong, attempt at your own risk, etc!

Where to get your Nexus 7 Repaired?

If your tablet is still in warranty then one option is to send it back to ASUS. You can find information about this on their site.

Unfortunately ASUS may decide that you are responsible for the damage, if that is the case you will be charged a fee, and it sounds like the prices are fairly steep when compared to the original cost of the tablet.

Remember, in the UK, retailers are legally responsible for the items they sell so you have every right to take it back to where you bought it – you don’t have to deal with the manufacturer. For more information on consumer law check here. So if your tablet’s screen is starting to detach, or feels loose, then it could be worth getting in touch with your retailer as goods should last a reasonable amount of time.

I would love to hear from anyone who has got their Nexus repaired, how much did it cost, where did you take it? If you have done the repair yourself, how did it go? What spares did you get?

If you have got some photos to share then please get in touch or post up the details in our forum.

What do you think?

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