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app of the dayI am a regular downloader of Amazon’s free app of the day, there have been some good quality apps available over the last few months (and some that are less good!).

Today I introduce another source of free apps: App of the Day – 100% Free by AppTurbo

App of the Day

This service has been available in the Apple ecosystem for a while but is only recently available to UK Android users. The concept is simple, once every 24hrs you’ll get a notification inviting you to download today’s free app.

Click through and you’ll be taken to the regular Google Play store to download the app.

As is often the case with these things the quality and appeal of these apps will vary on a daily basis and so far the selection hasn’t been as good as those that have been provided by Amazon.  But it’s early days and to be fair some of Amazon’s free apps have been fairly dire.

How does Free App of the Day work?

This is where it gets a little interesting as, from my basic knowledge of Android app publishing, I recall that you have to decide that an app is either free or paid when you first upload it, after that you cannot flip between statuses.

A quick check on the Android site confirms this:

Deciding whether you app will be free or paid is important because, on Google Play, free apps must remain free.

Given that this is not an official Google offer it makes me wonder how they are making a paid app free for 24 hours only?

My thoughts:

  • Are they uploading it again and marking it as free? Probably.
  • Do they have a special agreement with Google? Unlikely.
  • Am I wrong about the ability to flip between free and paid?  Surely not!

Looking at one of the releases from a couple of days ago my guess is that the app developers are asked by AppTurbo to upload the app again but this time as a free app.

For example:

So at the time of writing the app is there twice with two prices, curiously only one shows up in a Play search (there is a 3rd “Lite” version too) so my guess is this is a hacky way to make the app free for “24 hours”.

I guess AppTurbo charge a fee for organising this and the developer gains some additional exposure.  I can see this concept working well where a developer releases a series of paid apps and getting people hooked on one might increase sales of another.

Found any good app deals?  Let us know.  I regularly tweet out free app news on twitter, so be sure to follow for updates.

What do you think?

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