Nexus 7 32gb Model Expected

Rumours of new Nexus 7 models have been flying around left right and center and I’ve been careful not to blog up just any old news. However the evidence for a 32gb version is becoming too hard to ignore!

Let’s have a quick round up of what’s been going on:

  • Amazon have released the Kindle Fire HD thus setting a new standard for storage capacity with 16gb and 32gb models.   We know that Google need to keep up.
  • One Nexus 7 buyer in Japan claims to have already got the 32gb model!  According to their Twitter stream, they purchased a 16gb model only to find it contained a higher capacity device.
  • We’ve also had an inventory leak whereby the 32gb model has shown up on Carphone Warehouse‘s computer system.

Does this mean it really exists?  No, unfortunately the Internet is awash with tech rumours, but it seems inevitable that a 32gb model will be released at some point.

When will the Nexus 7 32gb be released?

If the accidental shipping of a 32gb model is true, then that suggests they are already being boxed up in the factory, we could therefore see them ship by the end of the month.  October 24th is the suspected date.

If you are interested in buying a Nexus 7 then it could pay to hold off a little while, especially if you think you might pack yours out with media.  Personally I would be happy to get an extra 16gb of space.

And of course there’s still the possibility of a 3G Nexus 7

What do you think?

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