Nexus 7 3G, Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 Go on Sale in the UK!

If you have been itching to get hold of a Nexus 10 or Nexus 7 3G then they have now gone on sale in the Google Play Store.

The Nexus 4 was briefly available but appears to have sold out, not surprising at that price. I was going to get one myself so looks like I’m back in the queue.  I’ll be keeping an eye on availability and will tweet out when I see it.  Follow for updates.

You can find the Nexus devices on sale here.

As far as I can see, these new models are only available direct from the Play Store right now, but if you have seen them in the shops, or for sale online, then please do let me know.

  • The Nexus 10 is available in two editions £319.00 16gb and £389.00 32gb
  • The new 3G Nexus 7 is available for £239.00
  • And the Nexus 4 was briefly available for £239.00 8gb and £279.00 16gb

Have you ordered one of these? Please let us know, would love to hear what you think of your new Nexus and Android 4.2.


  1. I managed to order a 16Gb Nexus 10 but the 32Gb and the Nexus 4 are both sold out. Currys/PC World indicated yesterday that Google had told them there would be no retail supply this side of Christmas. The Play Store servers were getting hit pretty hard but they seem to have settled down now. 16Gb 10 still in stock at time of writing.

  2. I tried to buy the Nexus 4, tbh after the initial Nexus 7 launch I was surprised that they all went. Hope they are back in stock soon.

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