Nexus 7 FAQ

Welcome to the Nexus 7 FAQ, here you’ll find a whole heap of information and great links to other resources. Got any feedback, spotted a mistake, know a better answer… please get in touch.

Starting Out

Who Makes The Nexus 7?
It might be known as the Google tablet, but the Nexus Tablet is manufactured by ASUS.

Where Can I find Official Support?
The official support site is here. But please feel free to ask questions in our forum.

Is the 7″ form factor a good size?
There are many people who will argue it is too small to do anything useful, others think it is a great size and love that it is easier to hold and manipulate making it more portability and comfortable to use.

Does the Nexus 7 fit in my Pocket?
Yes. You can check out this photo. I’m not pleased to see you, I just have a Nexus in my pocket.

Which version of Android does the Nexus run?
This tablet is shipping with Android 4.1, one of the first devices to support the “Jelly Bean” release. You’ll find it is quickly updated to 4.1.1 when you get going.

When was the Nexus 7 Released?
The tablet began shipping in mid July. Those that ordered through Google found themselves some of the last to receive pre-orders much to their annoyance. All UK pre-orders where shipped week beginning 23rd July with Google upgrading deliveries to overnight to compensate.

Where can I buy the Google Tablet?
We have direct links to the best places to buy a Nexus 7 here. You can also get it over at the Google Play store, else there are some other buying options in our forum.  Note: the 8gb version is currently only on sale via the Play store.

Any tips for Getting started?
There is a handy video here that will guide you through the initial setup sequence. For more tips you can check the forum.

Hardware Questions

What are the storage options?
In the initial launch there was an 8gb model, but in October 2012 this was replaced with a new 32gb version. At this time the 16gb model fell in price. Early adopters were offered a £25 ASUS voucher to make up for this drop.

How Long Does the Battery Last
The quoted usage time is 8 hours, however this will vary depending on how you use your tablet. With occasional intermittent use you can go for days between charges. There are some tips to extend battery life over here, please share your own tips in the forum.

Is the Nexus 7 Battery Removable?
Unfortunately not, continuing the trend started by Apple, the battery is not readily accessible without opening up the tablet. You will most likely be able to send it off for professional replacement, but it won’t be easy to change by yourself. At least by the time this becomes an issue, your warranty should be up anyway.

Does nexus 7 Tablet Have SD Card Slot?
No. This is one of the key criticisms of the tablet, there is no easy way to expand storage. But don’t let that put you off. There are a number of ways to deal with this, you can make good use of cloud storage, streaming content, or if you need extra capacity on the move, you can buy portable WiFi networked drives.

Does the Nexus 7 support MHL?
No, I’m afraid it doesn’t. And if you are wondering what MHL is, look here.

Does the Nexus 7 support USB-OTG?
It does, but USB mounting is not supported out of the box and is only possible if you root your device. It does support USB to Ethernet.

Can I plug a mouse or keyboard into my Nexus 7?
Yes, most mice and keyboards should work. You probably want to buy a Bluetooth enabled accessory, there are a number of compact products designed for portable devices.

Does the Nexus 7 Support 3G?
A 3G version went on sale November 13th 2012.  You can find out more here.

Does the Nexus 7 Vibrate?
Wahey! No, I’m afraid there is no vibrating option on the N7. You’re probably referring to a feature commonly known as hepatic feedback. I can’t say I have missed this feature, but if you do want feedback your only option is audio.

How Much Does Nexus 7 Weigh?
The tablet weighs in at just 340g (that’s 0.75lbs in old money). I can confirm that it is comfortable to hold for long periods, easy to carry in a large pocket and unnoticeable if dropped into a bag already packed with a few bits and bobs.

Are there other size Nexus Tablets?
Yes, there is a Nexus 10 tablet. This was released November 2012.  You can find out all about the Nexus 10 on our dedicated page.

How Big is the Nexus 7?
The exact physical dimensions of the Google tablet are: 198.5 x 120 x 10.45mm. So ladies will be able to comfortably slip it into a handbag, and blokes can get it into their trouser pockets, or more preferably, a jacket pocket. It’s comfortable to hold for long periods.

How Big is the Screen on the Nexus 7?
This tablets packs a gorgeous looking 7″ 1280×800 HD display, that works out at 216 ppi. This is plenty good enough to give great, clear, crisp HD video playback.

Android Questions

Can I rotate the Nexus 7 Home screen?
The N7 uses the more traditional phone UI and therefore home screen rotation is not supported. You can install an app from the Play Store which will provide this option. To unlock rotation within other apps, read on…

How do I Enable Portrait to Landscape rotation?
Swipe down from the top bar to access the notification pulldown “shade,” then tap the little icon with the lock and arrows around it.  If you want your home screen to rotate this is possible by downloading alternate launchers of specific screen rotating apps from the Play Store.

How do I activate voice Search??
Let me just Google that for you… erm… you just say “Google” and the voice search screen will magically appear.

Is there a short cut to Google Now?
Actually there is, lucky you asked! You can swipe up from the bottom center of any screen to immediately bring up the Google Now screen.

How to take a Screenshot on a Nexus 7
Press the power switch and the down volume button at the same time, you need to make sure you press both simultaneously and hold them for a fraction of a second until you see the screenie appear on your tablet. You can then see this in your Notifications bar and easily send it off to Drop Box, Google+ etc

Application Queries

Does the Nexus 7 support Flash?
Not officially, but it does seem to run. Adobe are slowly withdrawing support for flash and it looks like HTML5 is the way forward.

So can I watch iPlayer?
The BBC updated the iPlayer app to be Android 4 compatible in September 2012, the app will now work. Before this, there was a manual method of installing iPlayer on the Nexus 7.

Can I Read Amazon Books on Nexus 7
The N7 is very much compatible with the Android Kindle app and the tablet makes a good eReader. Good clear screen, comfortable to hold and plenty of access to books via Amazon, Play and a number of other decent book stores.


Can I root my Nexus 7?
Rooting your device can be a risky process, worst case scenario you brick your new tablet. It is also possible you could lose functionality or access to official resources. You will invalidate your warranty. But, yes, some owners have already managed to root their Nexus 7. Check out this guide at Liliputing.

Shouldn’t I just buy an iPad?
Ha you won’t draw us into that one! iPad’s are good, if you like Apple stuff and want to spend the money you won’t be disappointed. On the other hand Google’s tablet is cheaper, smaller and runs Android. Take your pick.

If you have any more questions or have something to add to the Nexus 7 FAQ, please let us know in the forum

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