Nexus 7 For Dummies

I‘m not suggesting any nxtab readers are dummies(!), but if you prefer learning from a book and want a quick start to finding your way around the Nexus and its Android operating system then go order this book!

The book promises to cover the following points, and more:

  • Takes you through the pre-loaded Google applications
  • How to personalise your Nexus 7
  • Walks you through using the touch screen
  • Setting up wireless access
  • Demonstrates how to load up with movies, e–books, games, and music
  • Organising your schedule and appointments
  • Download and keep up to date with the latest apps and websites

The reviews on Amazon have so far been very positive.

Of course we hope the NXTab site also provides you with a range of support, including our get started guide, best apps and of course our well known friendly and helpful forum.

Bought the book? Why not post your own mini review below.


  1. I bought this as soon as it came out and found it very helpful. It’s handy to get going with and helps you to explore things you might never have thought about.

  2. Recommended

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