Nexus 7 Support

One of the things that I loved about running the Samsung Netbook community site was helping out fellow owners. In fact I’d say the key role of the site was acting as first line community support for people from all over the globe.

I am hoping that this site will ultimately fulfil the same role through both the blog and forum.

However community support is no substitute for official support and there will be times when our community Nexus 7 forum won’t be the appropriate place to help. So it’s good to see that Google have got their Nexus 7 support area up and running already, you can find it at this address.

Interested in getting a preview of the Nexus 7 manual? You’ll find a link on the support page. Just look for the “Nexus 7 Guidebook (PDF)”

Getting help from Google

There are a number of ways to contact the official support channels:

  • Contact us: This allows you to pass your phone number to the support team for a call back.
  • Troubleshooting: The usual knowledge base type area full of common questions.
  • Nexus 7 Guidebook:  That’s right why not RTFM for a change!
  • Helpline phone number:  Give them a call!

Please let us know how you get on and why not share your problem, and hopefully the subsequent resolution, with us in the forum.


  1. Good luck with the support line!

  2. my nexus will not connect to my internet

  3. ellen ryan says:

    Can some one help me please, I kept gettin error messages on my nexus 7 saying xxx app has stopped working. I decided to reboot to see if that sorted the problem, butn
    Now my tablet won’t turn on pass the coloured x

    • Hi Ellen, try posting in the forum, it’ll get more visibility there. Failing to start up can be a battery connection issue, eg loose connection etc. Start a thread and let us know what you have tried (eg factory reset, etc)


  4. hi, my nexus will frequently turn off, not completely off, but kicks me out to the password screen…. likew i said it doea this frequently…. what do i do?

  5. Ronda Jones says:

    My son received a Nexuz 7 for Christmas and loves it. The problem is he had a pass word where you draw like a diagram. His little brother tried beyond the number of times to try and get into the Nexus. It is totally locked up. It will not accept his password so i have tried to reset the Nexus and start over. My problem is I make it to the step where is says recovery mode but after that I cannot figure out how to get the android robot to appear and find the reset option. It says hold power button down while pusing up on the volume button. I’ve tried that numerous times but it either turns off the nexus or the google comes up and it just sits there. What am I doing wrong??? Please help.

  6. Hi, I am having problems when video recording, it will start to record, but then while recording the screen suddenly goes black and fuzzy. Is this a fault?

  7. There is no phone number on the support page, how do I get in touch with them?

  8. Support number at time of writing is listed as:
    United Kingdom 0800 328 6081 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Monday – Saturday)

  9. how do I get the camera to work it just cancels or comes up with a blank screen

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