Nexus predictions for 2013

2012 December StatsLast month we broke through another milestone here at Over the course of one single month we achieved one hundred thousand hits to our UK based Nexus blog and forum!

With our Twitter account now attracting over 400 followers and our Facebook page topping 200 “Likes” I am happy to say that 2012 has given this website a great start.

But what do we think lies ahead for 2013?

What are Our Predictions for 2013?

No doubt this year will continue to see fast paced mobile computing evolution with all the big players likely to build on their flagship models. Here are my thoughts on what’s coming up…

  • Stock problems resolved. Now that Google, LG, Asus and Samsung have got a feel for just how popular the Nexus range is proving they will surly get their act together. Out won’t happen over night but expect high availability of the Nexus 4, 7 and 10 within Q1.
  • Increased Competition. The supply chain problem gives the competition a great chance to regain ground. Apple’s underwhelming 2012 phone and tablet releases will surely be followed up rapidly, we know they aren’t afraid to make their products obsolete within a few months! Samsung are also gearing up for the next version of their smash hit Galaxy S line.
  • 3G Nexus 10. It seems an almost certainty that a mobile network enabled model will be released imminently. Why wouldn’t they?
  • Nexus 7 Dock Available. If the rumours are right, the Nexus 7 dock should be available for UK order in the next week or two. And who knows, maybe an official Nexus 10 dock will follow!  Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for news of a release date.
  • Nexus 4 Charging Orb: Along the same lines, we should hopefully see an official wireless charging orb released in the UK in 2013.  Wireless charging is a cool feature and one I’ll be sure to make use of – but we need the chargers!
  • Second generation Nexus 7. With Nvidia showing of their next generation Tegra 4 chip set at the CES show yesterday it seems a likely candidate for inclusion in an upgraded Nexus 7. Perhaps a new Google tablet would include some minor hardware tweaks too but I’m sure it will remain a budget model. Will we see the much rumoured USD 99$ version?
  • Miracast Uptake Begins:   This is a seriously exciting bit of technology and I can’t wait until I can get my Nexus 4 streaming direct to my telly.  With the first certified devices finding their way out into the wild some users are already up and running but it doesn’t seem easy to get going yet.  With Miracast compatible TVs being showcased at CES 2013 it won’t be long before this technology becomes ubiquitous.  I hope.
  • Nxtab to continue its growth. This site will continue to be the number one dedicated Nexus blog, forum and community in the UK. Well, maybe that’s wishful thinking but why not… Thanks for reading and all the best for 2013

I look forward to blogging up the results of these predictions at the end of the year.  Have a good one!


  1. Michael_G says:

    Congrats Jez. It’s good to have a UK site for Nexus fans :-)

  2. How about the Nexus 5 rumors? I’m hoping to jump on that as my first “smart” phone!

    • Yes, let’s start some! Who’s going to make it? With the success of the current trio I wonder if Google will stick with LG, ASUS and Samsung?

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