Nexus Rumour Round Up: May 2013

google ioGoogle’s I/O conference is now only two weeks away, this is where Google will share the latest on their product development, including the Nexus range. Google I/O

Hopefully there will be some official announcement on one or all of; the new Nexus 5, the second generation Nexus 7 or Android 5 (Key Lime Pie).

For those that don’t follow the Android news sites, here’s a round up of what you need to know.

2nd Gen Nexus 7

Rumours of an update to the Nexus 7 tablet have been circulating since last year, these have included the possibility of an ultra cheap model at half the current price, or an overhaul of the tech to pack in more pixels and boost the power.

We won’t know for sure what to expect until the official announcement but it does look increasingly likely that we will see a refresh of the Nexus 7 this summer.

So what are the Google watchers expecting to see in a second generation Nexus 7?

  • Higher screen resolution
  • Thinner bezel
  • Qualcomm chipset (improved power performance over the Nvidia Tegra chipset)
  • Asus manufactured
  • Same price bracket

The refreshed model is expected around July time.

I’m not sure there is anything in there to tempt an existing owner to “upgrade” to the second generation 7″ tablet, but nonetheless it keeps it competitive when lined up next to the rival Kindle Fire HD and iPad Mini.

Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 smart phone will be the latest in the Google range. What isn’t clear is whether it will succeed the Nexus 4, or whether it will be sold simultaneously pitched in the Phablet market against the likes of the Galaxy Note.

Their device naming strategy might not be clear yet, but they sure can’t keep incrementing the phone’s number as they’re will be two releases from a clash with the N7 tablet! It is likely that the number will loosely correlate with screen size.

The rumoured specs for the Nexus 5 mobile phone:

  • 5-inch display
  • 1080 HD resolution
  • Snapdragon 600 processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 8 and 16GB storage options
  • 3140 mAh Battery
  • Nikon constructed camera lense
  • Android 5

An improved camera would certainly be tempting to me as an N4 owner. However I’m not so sure that I want a larger device. Either way, this seems the more interesting product for existing Nexus fans.

Android 5

Given that Google announced the last major Android update at the 2012 I/O conference we should hope to see Android 5 announced officially this month. This is the big news for Nexus owners as we should expect to see the new operating system pushed out to our phones and tablets soon after release.

Whilst having great hardware is always desirable, it doesn’t mean a lot if you don’t have the software to run on it. The new version of Android should deliver some very welcome benefits, pushing the O/S even further ahead of its competitors.

What’s in?

There is little known about what might be included at this time, here are a couple of update rumours that have been floating around the net:

  • Google Babel, the cross platform unified chat experience set to unify messaging across Google Talk, Google+, etc.
  • Gaming centre to power multi player games and communities, according to MyGlass tear down.
  • Native Google video chat app, makes sense, right now the only alternative is the Microsoft owned Skype!
  • Tighter social networking integration, I guess we could install Facebook Home, or related widgets but its not the same. Even Microsoft managed to do this well in Windows 8 mobile.
There is growing evidence for another Jelly Bean release taking us up to Android 4.3, it is looking more and more likely that we might see this before Android 5 makes it out.

Motorola X

Whilst not branded as a Nexus product, I thought it was worth mentioning the new Motorola X smartphone. As you probably know, Google bought up Motorola a while back, but up until now they’ve been working through an inherited backlog that is now clearing.

We expect to see the first Google produced phone from Motorola this August.

Nexus owners will be keen to follow developments as it is thought that the X Phone will provide the “Pure” Android experience – something that has been a big draw for Nexus fans to date. It is also going to be highly customisable, with various options available to buyers at checkout, for example, a whole range of colours will be on offer.

The phone will be pitched as a top range flagship model designed to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S IV and Apple iPhone, coupled with the latest Android software the X phone is likely to be one of the must have gadgets of the year.

That’s it for now, nxtab doesn’t cover every last rumour that drips out onto the net, that’s not what we are really about. We will of course round up all the confirmed Nexus news after Google make their announcements.


  1. I would expect Nexus 7 2nd gen to
    – Definitely a better processor, or an improved NVIDIA stuff
    – lightweightedness felling
    – ASUS manufactured
    – May be little more pixels per inch
    – more solid body structure
    – Camera depending on its effect to price

    Thats about it I suppose.

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