Official Dock Coming Soon

The lack of any kind of official nexus 7 docking station has been a big talking point in our forum and around the net.

Many of us just can’t understand why such a useful product hasn’t been made available given that the tablet is approaching six months old.  There is an obvious demand for this device from a market consisting of millions of Nexus 7 owners.

Anyway, it seems that ASUS will be getting a dock out soon with ASUS claiming it “Will be released in early December 2012.”.

You can see the dock listed up here on the ASUS website,  don’t hold your breath but we might see this before Christmas afterall!

We know that:

  • The dock  has audio output
  • Dimensions are 219mm x 65mm x 30mm
  • Weighs about 280 grams
  • Tablet must be on  Android 4.2

We’ll update our very own Nexus 7 Dock page when we get more information, in the meantime, if you see this available anywhere in the UK then please let us know!


  1. ….and not before time!…I’m dribbling with excitement already! …..It seems they have either done a U turn on their decision to sell in U.K ref November 10th & 16th comments Patrick Wesseling Asus Service Team, or they have intentionally toyed around with my emotions, yes I’m a very delicate tech geek ..LOL!…Chuffed to bits about this and I’ll be first in the queue!…and hey!..checkout your Nexus 7…..this may have been slipped in during the last update!….. in settings>sound they now have setting for dock and docking…hows that for a bit of extra confirmation!

  2. Good spot Zemo, and that ties in nicely with the news that it requires Android 4.2. So it is starting to look like it might really happen.

    I will get one of these! There is already a spot reserved for it on my desk.

    That said, I am not getting my hopes up. My money is on a 2013 release but I hope I’m wrong!

  3. Tony Merryfield says:

    Well I’ll be getting 2 – one for home and one for the office. I have exactly the same setup for my original Galaxy Tab 7 :)

    Might even be able to retire the GT now I have my Nexus 7 3G setup just how I want it (aside from the docks that is)

  4. Bob Carn says:

    Hi-thought I would give a heads up that the Nexus7 dock is now in stock at Google Play available via their website with a price of approx. £30 including next day courier signed for delivery. Super quality unitt sure to sell out fast-be quick..

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