Running Windows 7 on the Nexus 7: Splashtop RDP

As a corporate IT guy I can’t get away from Windows (and actually I quite like it!) so I was keen to see if I could get Windows 7 on my Nexus 7. Now the easiest (only) way to do this is using a remote desktop application.

For my test I used Splashtop, currently on sale in the Play store.

Here’s a quick YouTube video:

Sow hat’s it like to use?

The good:

  • Very easy to setup, was up and running in about a minute and it “just worked”
  • Looks good, the app boosts HD graphics and I have to say it looked as clear as I liked on my tablet
  • Music streamed easily, giving access to my PC’s tunes. It also worked with the Free Spotify client.

The bad:

  • Found it fiddly to control, but I can see myself getting used to that with some practise. The app has som built in gestures to handle things like scrolling windows and right clicks.
  • iPlayer didn’t seem so work on first test, some playing around required. I wonder if iPlayer desktop would work? If it does this seems like a quick work around for the lack of Flash.

Windows 7 on a Nexus 7

Can I see myself using this frequently? Most likely not, but it’s good to have the option. As part of my work I often need to monitor processes and so I can see it will be perfect for keeping an eye on what’s going on upstairs on the desktop whilst I catch up on some family time.

Have you used a remote desktop app on your tablet, which one and how did you get on? Is it possible to get Windows 7 running on a Nexus 7 for real ;-)?


  1. GadgetStop321 says:

    I set-up Splashtop HD on my laptop and Nexus 7 and it works great. This is the best option for using MS Office with Dropbox for my school work. This is also the only option for me to use Smartnotebook and ExamView on the Nexus 7.

  2. Yep seems a fairly easy way to get Win 7 apps to your tablet, I’ve seen some YouTube clips showing people running Windows games that way.

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