Second Generation Nexus 7 Rumours

According to a recent post over at Digitimes, a second generation Nexus 7 is imminent. If nothing else it will settle the much debated question: how will Google name the next model!

If their source is accurate the next gen Nexus 7 tablet will again be made by ASUS, will have a thinner display border, and a full HD screen. Not a lot else has been suggested and once again we’ll have to wait until Google’s next big event in May.

Price is expected to remain at the same level as before.

The article also suggests that the Nexus 7 has shifted 6 million units so far with 10 million forecast by the end of 2013. Not bad going for the little Android tablet!

What would you want to see in the Nexus 7 2 tablet?


  1. I’d like HDMI out, SD card slot, thinner, lighter, longer battery life, and the moon on a stick.

  2. Decent camera?

  3. Yes a back camera would be nice at least for scanning documents and QR codes etc…

  4. SD slot (but then nobody will buy a 32 or 64GB model, so prob won’t happen), next gen Tegra CPU, 1080p screen, rear camera and better speaker (bec sometimes you want to show a clip or song to a friend) only if it doesn’t increase the price too much, faster web page loading, and more HD movies on Google Play

  5. 5GHz WiFi.

What do you think?

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